“This Video Saves Lives!”

IN 1999, Jehovah’s Witnesses produced a video especially for youths entitled Young People Ask—How Can I Make Real Friends? To date, it has been released in more than 30 languages. “This video has had an impact on all of us!” a congregation overseer in the Ukraine writes. “Some watched it five times, still others watched it as many as seven! Later, many young ones enjoyed discussing the highlights. A number of them were in tears. We all felt Jehovah’s love and sincere care for young people. Now I appreciate the needs of young people more, and I want to help them more, to be a closer friend to them.”

Youths from all over the world were moved by this video. For example, 17-year-old Leticia from Uruguay (pictured left) writes: “I was overcome with emotion, not only because of the information presented but also because of seeing how Jehovah and his organization take an interest in us young ones. I cannot find words to express my gratitude for this valuable video. Simply put, thank you very much!”

An adult Witness in the United States watched the video many times and was able to use it to help a young girl who was living a double life. She writes: “Annette was involved in drinking and bad associations, and she had even experimented with drugs.* But the video had a strong impact on her. In a short time, she abandoned her bad associates and wrong practices. Six months later she was baptized. Really, this video saves lives!”

▪ In 2004, Jehovah’s Witnesses released another video for youths. It is entitled Young People Ask—What Will I Do With My Life? It is hoped that by means of this video on DVD, many young people will be encouraged to put the worship of Jehovah God first in their lives.—Matthew 6:33.


Name has been changed.