• Awake!—2009
  • “Keep on the Watch!” District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses

“Keep on the Watch!”

District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses

▪ Thousands of these three-day conventions, which are scheduled to begin in the United States on the weekend of May 22-24, will be held throughout the world for months to come. In the United States, sessions will begin each day at 9:20 a.m. with a musical program. Friday’s theme, based on Matthew 24:44, is “Prove Yourselves Ready.” The chairman’s address will be followed by the talks “Conventions Help Us to Remain Watchful” and “Jehovah—God of ‘Times and Seasons.’” Then the symposium “Imitate Faithful Ones Who Remained Watchful” will consider how Noah, Moses, and Jeremiah did so. The morning program will end with the keynote address, “How Jehovah Helps Us to ‘Keep on the Watch.’”

The first part on Friday afternoon is “Answers to Questions About ‘the Last Days,’” followed by the talks “‘You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour’—Why?” and “Know That the End Is Near.” Next will be the six-part symposium, “‘Stay Awake’ as Christian Families!” The first three parts address husbands, wives, and young ones directly. The last three parts are entitled “Keep Your Eye Simple,” “Keep Pursuing Spiritual Goals,” and “Maintain a Family Worship Evening.” The afternoon session will end with the feature “Verses That Move Us to ‘Keep Strict Watch.’”

Saturday’s theme is “Keep Your Senses, Be Watchful,” based on 1 Peter 5:8. The five-part symposium “Help People to ‘Awake From Sleep,’” will include the parts “Our Ministry—Why So Vital?,” “Be Observant in the Ministry,” “Focus on Improving Your Skills,” “Don’t Forget Your Relatives!,” and “Maintain Your Sense of Urgency!” After the talks “Imitate Jesus’ Example of Watchfulness” and “Be Vigilant With a View to Prayers,” the session will conclude with a talk on baptism, after which those who qualify will have the opportunity to be baptized.

Saturday afternoon’s program will feature the five-part symposium “Watch Out for Satan’s Traps!”—“The Fire,” “The Pit,” “The Snare,” “The Trap That Chokes,” and “The Trap That Crushes.” The special presentation, “Until I Expire I Shall Not Take Away My Integrity!,” will follow. The day’s sessions will end with the talks “Do Not Look ‘at the Things Behind’” and “Learn Watchfulness From Jesus’ Apostles.”

Sunday’s theme, based on Habakkuk 2:3, is “Keep in Expectation . . . It Will Not Be Late.” After a talk on the day’s theme, the symposium “Keep Your Eyes on the Things Unseen” will consider the following subjects: “The Ten Horns . . . Will Hate the Harlot,” “The Nations Will Have to Acknowledge Jehovah,” “‘All These Kingdoms’ Will Be Crushed,” “The Devil Will Be Bound for a Thousand Years,” “They Will Build Houses and Plant Vineyards,” “The Wolf and the Lamb . . . Will Feed as One,” “God . . . Will Wipe Out Every Tear,” “All Those in the Memorial Tombs Will . . . Come Out,” and “God Will Be ‘All Things to Everyone.’” The public talk, “How Can You Survive the End of the World?,” will complete the morning session.

A special feature Sunday afternoon is the touching modern-day drama “Your Brother Was Dead and Came to Life,” based on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. Following the summary of the weekly Watchtower Study, the convention will conclude with the talk “Keep in Expectation, Watching for Jehovah’s Day!”

Make plans now to attend. To find the location nearest you, contact the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses or write the publishers of this magazine. In some places four-day international conventions will be held. The March 1 issue of The Watchtower, our companion magazine, has a list of all convention locations in the United States, including those that are international.