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props transported by train (Russia): yb08 213, 216

school presentation by Witness students: yb93 54-55

teachers and children listen to tape: yb91 7-8

Witness youths assisted: w09 6/15 14

Gilead graduations:

80th class: w86 6/1 27

83rd class (Jehovah’s Judgments Against Law-Defying People): w87 12/1 24

87th class (Coping With Satan’s Crafty Acts): w89 12/1 23

88th class (Doing What Is Right in Jehovah’s Eyes): w90 6/1 28

90th class (Avoid Life’s Anxieties): w91 6/1 29

91st class (Youths Who Remember Their Creator Now): w91 12/1 23

92nd class (Why Respect Theocratic Order?): w92 6/1 23

93rd class (Do Not Be Misled or Mock God): w92 12/1 20

95th class (The Choices Facing Us): w93 12/1 27

96th class (Honoring Worthy Ones in Their Older Years): w94 6/1 27

97th class (Be Theocratic, Not Worldly): w94 12/1 27

Iceland: yb05 224-225

Martinique: yb98 197

presented by slides: yb05 224-225; yb93 125-126

presented by videotape: w88 7/15 27

Solomon Islands: yb92 215-216

“symbolic drama” (Ga 4:24): w06 3/15 10-12; w92 3/15 14-15; it-1 1175

Watchtower Society:

sound recordings: g89 1/8 25-27

List by Year

1966, “God’s Sons of Liberty” District Assemblies:

Listen to Daniel’s Words for Our Day (sound only):

Look to the Bible as Our Guide in Life: yb93 203

See Jeremiah’s Endurance, Needed in Our Day: yb98 197

1967, “Disciple-Making” District Assemblies:

Jehovah’s Name to Be Declared in All the Earth (Moses, Ten Plagues, Exodus) (sound only):

Leaving the City of Refuge Means Loss of Life:

Let Us Conform Ourselves to God’s Eternal Principles:

1968, “Good News for All Nations” District Assemblies:

Do You Make Yourself Available? (Jephthah’s daughter):

Jehovah’s Way—The Way of Victory (Jephthah):

Trained to Distinguish Both Right and Wrong:

What Are You Doing With Your Life? (Abraham and Isaac, Jacob and Esau):

What Young Folks Are Doing in the Ministry:

1969, “Peace on Earth” International Assemblies:

Are You a Modern-Day Jonah?:

Do Not Miss the Purpose of Jehovah’s Deliverance:

Fortify Yourself so as to Maintain Integrity:

“Let No Man Ever Look Down on Your Youth”:

Overseers, Carry On as Men!:

Show Respect for Jehovah’s Appointments (David, Saul):

Thorns and Traps Are in the Way of the Independent One (prodigal son): jv 175

Your Bible Questions Answered:

1970, “Men of Goodwill” District Assemblies:

Love Is a Perfect Bond of Union (Esther):

Who Needs Your Help?:

1971, “Divine Name” District Assemblies:

Jehovah Blesses the Loyal Ones (Balaam):

Make Jehovah’s Purpose Your Way of Life (Ruth, Naomi):

What Is in Your Heart?:

1972, “Divine Rulership” District Assemblies:

Gird Yourselves With Lowliness of Mind (Naaman):

How Merciful Are You? (Joseph):

Serve Jehovah With Your Whole Soul:

1973, “Divine Victory” International Assemblies:

“Keep Your Minds Fixed on the Things Above” (David, Bath-sheba):

‘Shout! For Jehovah Has Given You the City!’ (Rahab):

“The Zeal for Your House Will Eat Me Up” (Jesus’ ministry):

Who Will Escape and Stand Before the Son of Man?:

1974, “Divine Purpose” District Assemblies:

Beware of Losing Faith by Drawing Away From Jehovah (Moses):

The Tested Quality of Our Faith—A Cause for Praise and Honor (Paul):

To Whose Authority Do You Listen? (Jeroboam, old prophet):

1975, “Divine Sovereignty” District Assemblies:

“Do Not Become Unevenly Yoked With Unbelievers” (Elijah, Ahab, Jezebel):

“Keep Your Senses,” and Go On Building With the Greater Noah:

Pure and Upright Practices—Necessary to a Child’s Life (Samuel):

“That the Word of God May Not Be Spoken of Abusively”:

1976, “Sacred Service” District Assemblies:

Are You an Example to the Flock?:

Have You Fixed Your Heart on Jehovah’s Worship? Are You Separate From the World? (Josiah):

“In Showing Honor ... Take the Lead”:

Maintaining Integrity Down to the End (three Hebrews):

1977, “Joyful Workers” District Assemblies:

Are You Whole-Souled in Service to God? (Nehemiah):

‘God Is Not Far Off From Each One of Us’ (Hezekiah):

Jehovah’s Name to Be Declared in All the Earth (Moses, Ten Plagues, Exodus) (sound only):

1978, “Victorious Faith” International Conventions:

“Do Not Look Behind You and Do Not Stand Still” (Lot):

The Scriptural Adornment of Christian Women:

To Whom Do You Belong? (first-century Christians):

Youths—What Is Your Goal in Life? (Timothy):

1979, “Living Hope” District Conventions:

“Be Transformed by Making Your Mind Over” (Phinehas, Zimri, Cozbi):

The Need of the Fatherless Boy—Can You Help Him?:

What Are You Choosing? (Moses):

1980, “Divine Love” District Conventions:

Do Not Despise Sacred Things (Jacob, Esau):

Jehovah Will Guard the Way of His Loyal Ones (David):

The Battle Is Not Yours, but God’s (Jehoshaphat):

1981, “Kingdom Loyalty” District Conventions:

Beware of Rebellious Talk! (Korah, Dathan, Abiram):

Jehovah Rewards His Loyal Ones (Saul, David):

1982, “Kingdom Truth” District Conventions:

Fearless Proclaimer of an Unpopular Message (Jeremiah):

“How ... Will They Hear Without Someone to Preach?”:

1983, “Kingdom Unity” District Conventions:

Maintaining Family Unity:

Unitedly Getting God’s Work Done Despite Opposition (Nehemiah):

1984, “Kingdom Increase” District Conventions:

Divine Education Increases Kingdom Fruitage:

Guard Against Disgraceful Folly (Achan):

1985, “Integrity Keepers” District Conventions:

Fear God, Turn Away From Bad (Job): w86 1/15 30-31

Your Future—A Challenge: w86 1/15 27; w86 9/1 7

1986, “Divine Peace” District Conventions:

Preserving Life in Time of Famine (Joseph): w87 1/15 30

Seek God’s Righteousness for Survival: w87 1/15 30

1987, “Trust in Jehovah” District Conventions:

Jehovah Delivers Those Calling Upon His Name (Joshua): w88 1/15 29

Loyal Submission to Jehovah and His Organization: w88 1/15 27

1988, “Divine Justice” District Conventions:

Jehovah’s Judgments Against Law-Defying People (days of Noah, Lot): w89 1/15 26, 29

Marked for Survival: w89 1/15 26-27

1989, “Godly Devotion” District Conventions:

Subject Yourselves to Jehovah: w90 1/15 29

1990, “Pure Language” District Conventions:

Coping With the Devil’s Crafty Acts: w91 1/15 27

Doing God’s Will With Zeal (Jehu): w91 1/15 28

1991, “Lovers of Freedom” District Conventions:

Set Free to Promote True Worship (Ezra): w92 1/15 27

1992, “Light Bearers” District Conventions:

Doing What Is Right in Jehovah’s Eyes (Josiah): w93 1/15 15

1993, “Divine Teaching” District Conventions:

Do Not Be Misled or Mock God: w94 1/15 30; w93 6/1 32

Youths Who Remember Their Creator Now: w94 1/15 28-29; w93 6/1 32

1994, “Godly Fear” District Conventions:

The Choices You Face (Joshua, Elijah): w95 1/15 25, 28-29; w94 6/1 32

1995, “Joyful Praisers” District Conventions:

Honoring Worthy Ones in Their Older Years: w96 1/15 9; w95 6/1 32

1996, “Messengers of Godly Peace” District Conventions:

Why Respect Theocratic Arrangements? (Gideon): w97 1/15 9

1997, “Faith in God’s Word” District Conventions:

Keep Your Eye Simple: w98 1/15 28

1998, “God’s Way of Life” District Conventions:

Families—Make Daily Bible Reading Your Way of Life! (three Hebrews): w99 1/15 9

1999, “God’s Prophetic Word” District Conventions:

Appreciating Our Spiritual Heritage (Jacob and Esau): w00 1/15 7; g99 6/8 32

2000, “Doers of God’s Word” District Conventions:

Warning Examples for Our Day (Plains of Moab): w01 1/15 27; yb01 6-7; g00 6/8 32

2001, “Teachers of God’s Word” District Conventions:

Respect Jehovah’s Authority (Korah, Dathan, Abiram): w02 1/15 29; g01 6/8 32

2002, “Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers” District Conventions:

Stand Firm in Troublesome Times (Jeremiah): w03 1/15 27

2003, “Give God Glory” District Conventions:

Boldly Witnessing Despite Opposition (Stephen): w04 1/15 25

2004, “Walk With God” District Conventions:

They Bore Thorough Witness to the Good News (Paul): g04 6/8 32

2005, “Godly Obedience” District Conventions:

Pursue Goals That Honor God (Timothy): g05 6/8 32

2006, “Deliverance at Hand!” District Conventions:

To Whose Authority Do You Submit? (prophet from Judah): g 6/06 32

2007, “Follow the Christ!” District Conventions:

Clothe Yourselves With Lowliness of Mind (Gehazi): g 6/07 32

God’s Word “Is Alive and Exerts Power” (Mr 4:35–5:43) (sound only):

2008, “Guided by God’s Spirit” District Conventions:

Become Hearers and Doers of God’s Word (Satan, Jesus; widow, Elijah) (sound only):

Do Not Leave “the Love You Had at First” (Christians at end of first century): g 6/08 32

2009, “Keep on the Watch!” District Conventions:

“Until I Expire I Shall Not Take Away My Integrity!” (Job, Daniel) (sound only): g 6/09 32

“Your Brother Was Dead and Came to Life” (prodigal son): g 6/09 32

2010, “Remain Close to Jehovah!” District Conventions:

Do Not Give Out When Corrected by Jehovah! (Jonah) (sound only): g 6/10 32

‘Walk by Faith and Not by Sight’ (Christians fleeing Jerusalem): g 6/10 32

2011, “Let God’s Kingdom Come!” District Conventions:

A True Story That Inspires Hope (Ruth) (sound only):

“These Words . . . Must Prove to Be on Your Heart” (family problems):

Young Ones—Be Discreet and Wise (Joseph):

2012, “Safeguard Your Heart!” District Conventions:

Fortify Your Hearts to Be Witnesses (Mt 27:32–28:15; Lu 24:8-53) (sound only):

What Is True Love? (youths):

2013, “God’s Word Is Truth!” District Conventions:

Be Faithful and Conquer Your Fears (Peter) (sound only):

Prepare Your Heart for the Trials Ahead (Esther):

“Show Yourself Attentive to the Wonderful Works of God” (Job and modern counterpart):