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  • A Video to Touch the Hearts of Youths

A Video to Touch the Hearts of Youths

MANY young people were encouraged to consider seriously their conduct when they saw the video Young People Ask—How Can I Make Real Friends?* The video contains sound scriptural counsel, personal expressions by young Christians, and a moving contemporary drama based on the Bible account of Dinah. (Genesis, chapter 34) The following expressions about the video come from Mexico.

Martha relates: “The video deeply touched my heart. It seems as though it was made just for me. I thought that it was enough that my teachers and schoolmates knew that I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I failed to prove it by witnessing to them. I am grateful for all the information Jehovah provides, especially when it touches us as deeply as this video does.”

Juan Carlos says: “This video really makes you think. As a young man, I’ve made some mistakes and could identify with some of the characters in the drama. Some years ago, I led a double life, but I realized that such a life can bring bad consequences. After watching the video, I am determined to be faithful to Jehovah.”

Sulem confesses: “When I watched the video, I was overcome by emotion. Earlier, I had stopped reading the Bible, and I wasn’t praying to Jehovah very much. When I listened to the comments made by the young people in the video, I was moved to start studying the Bible again and to pray to Jehovah.”

Young people today face many challenges, and their choice of friends can often strongly influence how they live their lives. (Psalm 26:4; Proverbs 13:20) The video Young People Ask—How Can I Make Real Friends? is helping many to make good decisions in this regard.


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