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  • Yes, This Is the Study Edition!

Yes, This Is the Study Edition!

We have redesigned the study edition to be more appealing and helpful to you in your study of Jehovah’s precious Word of truth.—Ps. 1:2; 119:97.

It was four years ago that we began publishing two editions of The Watchtower, one for the public and one for all of us—Jehovah’s Witnesses and our progressive Bible students.

Regarding the study edition, a longtime servant of Jehovah wrote: “Marvelous and penetrating—that was my impression of the first study edition of The Watchtower. The deeper spiritual language and statements spoke directly to my heart. Thank you so much for this wonderful new provision.” Another brother wrote: “I look forward to spending intimate hours with the study edition and my Reference Bible at hand.” We trust that you feel similarly.

As you know, The Watchtower has been in publication since 1879, a feat that has been possible only with Jehovah’s spirit and blessing. (Zech. 4:6) During these 133 years, there have been several changes to the cover of the magazine. For 2012, each study edition will feature on the cover an artist’s colorful rendering of a witnessing scene, reminding us of our God-given commission to bear thorough witness about Jehovah’s Kingdom. (Acts 28:23) Inside the cover, on page 2, you will find the photograph on which the artwork is based, along with a brief description of what is taking place and where. Through the course of the year, this will remind all of us that Jehovah’s people are preaching the good news “in all the inhabited earth.”—Matt. 24:14.

What other changes have been made to the magazine? The review box has been moved to the beginning of each study article. This will highlight for you the main points that you should look for as you read and study the article. Of course, Watchtower Study conductors will want to continue using these questions to review the material at the end of the study. You will note that the margins have been widened a little and that the page and paragraph numbers stand out more.

As is explained in this month’s issue, a new feature, “From Our Archives,” is being added to show significant developments in the modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Also, true-life experiences will occasionally appear under the heading “They Offered Themselves Willingly.” These will vividly describe the joy, satisfaction, and happiness that brothers and sisters have experienced by serving where there is a greater need for Kingdom proclaimers.

May you thoroughly enjoy the time you spend studying God’s Word with the help of this magazine.

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