Song 123 and Prayer

Congregation Bible Study:

Theocratic Ministry School:

Bible reading: 1 Peter 1-52 Peter 1-3 (10 min.)

No. 1: 1 Peter 2:18–3:7 (4 min. or less)

No. 2: The Right Religion Is Bible-Based and Makes Known God’s Name—rs p. 328 ¶4-5 (5 min.)

No. 3: Why We Are Sure That Jesus Is the Messiah—Luke 24:44; Gal. 4:4 (5 min.)

Service Meeting:

 5 min: Start a Bible Study on the First Saturday. Talk. Encourage all to share in starting Bible studies on the first Saturday in December. Briefly demonstrate how this may be done by using the back cover of The Watchtower.

15 min: Have You Tried It? Discussion. By means of a talk, briefly review information from these recent articles in Our Kingdom Ministry: “Our Official Web Site—Designed to Benefit Us and Others” (km 12/12), “Use Videos in Your Teaching,” and “Who Would Be Interested in This?” (km 5/13). Invite audience to comment on how they have benefited from applying the suggestions in these articles.

10 min: Local needs.

Song 12 and Prayer

DECEMBER 2-8, 2013

PAGE 7 • SONGS: 110, 15

DECEMBER 2-8, 2013

PAGE 3 • SONGS: 110, 15