Song 51 and Prayer

Congregation Bible Study:

Theocratic Ministry School:

Bible reading: Romans 9-12 (10 min.)

No. 1: Romans 9:19-33 (4 min. or less)

No. 2: If Someone Says, ‘Do You Believe in the Rapture?’—rs p. 316 ¶9–p. 317 ¶2 (5 min.)

No. 3: Scriptural Reasons Why We Should Not Fear Men—Luke 12:4-12 (5 min.)

Service Meeting:

10 min:God’s Word Exerts Power.” Questions and answers. Announce the date of the special assembly day if this is known.

10 min: How to Reply to Local Conversation Stoppers. Discussion by the service overseer. Mention two or three potential conversation stoppers that are encountered in the local territory but are not considered in the Reasoning book. Invite audience to comment on how we might reply. Have one brief demonstration.

10 min: Preach With Boldness. (Acts 4:29) Discussion based on the 2013 Yearbook, page 49, paragraphs 1-6; and page 69, paragraphs 1-6. Invite audience to comment on the lessons learned.

Song 92 and Prayer