Thursday, October 23

He did not waver in a lack of faith.—Rom. 4:20.

Now is not the time to “waver in a lack of faith”; it is the time to become powerful by faith. God’s enemies—Satan and those under his influence—are trying to stop the work that Jesus assigned to His followers, including us. (Matt. 28:19, 20) Despite the Devil’s attacks, we know Jehovah as “a living God, who is a Savior of all sorts of men, especially of faithful ones.” He “knows how to deliver people of godly devotion out of trial.” (1 Tim. 4:10; 2 Pet. 2:9) Soon, Jehovah will bring an end to this wicked system of things. While we have not been given all the details and the exact time when this will occur, we do know that at just the right time, Christ will do away with God’s enemies, and Jehovah’s sovereignty will be vindicated. May we never fall into the snare of thinking that “all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning.”—2 Pet. 3:3, 4; 1 Thess. 5:1. w12 5/15 3:17, 18


Song 109 and Prayer

Congregation Bible Study:

Theocratic Ministry School:

Bible reading: Deuteronomy 7-10 (10 min.)

No. 1: Deuteronomy 9:15-29 (4 min. or less)

No. 2: Why a Perfect Man Could Sin—rs p. 371 ¶2–p. 372 ¶3 (5 min.)

No. 3: Adonijah—Do Not Question Jehovah’s Decisions—it-1 pp. 49-50, Adonijah No. 1 (5 min.)

Service Meeting:

Monthly Theme: “Preach the word; be at it urgently.”—2 Tim. 4:2

15 min:Explaining Our Beliefs About 1914.” Discussion. Invite comments on each bulleted question.

15 min: A Tool to Help Us Explain Our Beliefs About 1914. Begin with a seven-minute demonstration of a publisher using the chart on page 11 of the November 1, 2014, Watchtower to give his Bible student an overview of how the prophecy recorded in Daniel chapter 4 relates to God’s Kingdom. Invite the audience to comment on why the demonstration was effective. Conclude by reading Revelation 12:10, 12 and inviting the audience to comment on how our knowing that the Kingdom began ruling in 1914 motivates us to preach the good news with urgency.

Song 133 and Prayer