Friday, March 7

Have you shown yourself discouraged in the day of distress? Your power will be scanty.—Prov. 24:10.

In today’s world so full of disasters, challenges, and pressures, many feel overwhelmed. Even some Christians have felt that way. Lani, who was enjoying the full-time service in Australia, says that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was devastating and struck like a bolt of lightning. She says, “The treatments made me very ill, and I was left with no self-esteem.” On top of everything else, she had to care for her husband, who had undergone spinal surgery. If we find ourselves in such a situation, what can we do? We do well to remember that Satan wants to use the tribulations we suffer to undermine our faith. However, we must not allow him to sap our joy in this way. Meditating on Biblical examples of servants of God who faced life’s trials with courage will help us to muster up courage in the face of any adversities that we may encounter. w12 10/15 1:8, 9

Mar. 3  Bible reading:  Genesis 36-39

No. 2: Why Resurrected Ones Will Not Be Condemned for Their Past Deeds (rs p. 338 ¶1)

No. 3: Abigail—Display Qualities That Honor Jehovah (it-1 pp. 20-21, Abigail No. 1)