Monday, November 24

If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.—Matt. 6:14.

A willingness to forgive those who offend us—whether they are members of the Christian congregation or not—is essential if we are to maintain peaceful relations with family members, friends, fellow humans, and Jehovah. The Scriptures indicate that a willingness to forgive others regardless of how often they offend us is a Christian requirement. Jesus used an illustration about a slave who was forgiven a large debt by his master. When this slave would not likewise show mercy to a fellow slave who owed him a small amount, his master had him thrown into prison. (Matt. 18:21-34) Jesus’ conclusion was: “In like manner my heavenly Father will also deal with you if you do not forgive each one his brother from your hearts.” (Matt. 18:35) Hence, anyone who desires Jehovah’s friendship is obliged to forgive the shortcomings of his fellow human. w12 11/15 5:3-5


Song 50 and Prayer

Congregation Bible Study:

Theocratic Ministry School:

Bible reading: Deuteronomy 28-31 (10 min.)

No. 1: Deuteronomy 30:15–31:8 (4 min. or less)

No. 2: Animals Are Souls—rs p. 376 ¶5–p. 377 ¶3 (5 min.)

No. 3: Adornment—Christian Counsel on Personal Adornment—it-1 p. 51 ¶8–p. 52 ¶1 (5 min.)

Service Meeting:

10 min:Use Our Web Site in the Ministry—‘Bible Questions Answered.’” Discussion. Relate some of the questions that are answered in this section of our Web site. (Go to, and look under BIBLE TEACHINGS > BIBLE QUESTIONS ANSWERED.) Briefly demonstrate one of the suggestions from the article. Invite the audience to suggest other ways to use this feature in the ministry.

10 min:I Cannot Find Him at Home Again!” Discussion. Consider why it is important to persevere when it is difficult to find a person at home again.—Matt. 28:19, 20; Mark 4:14, 15; 1 Cor. 3:6.

10 min:A New Research Tool.” Talk. Review the instructions on “How to Start Your Search,” located in the introduction of the Research Guide. Highlight the various features of this new tool. Include a brief soliloquy of a publisher using the Research Guide.

Song 69 and Prayer