Saturday, December 20

The mountain of the olive trees must be split at its middle.—Zech. 14:4.

What does that mountain represent? How will it be “split at its middle” and become two mountains? Why does Jehovah refer to them as “my mountains”? (Zech. 14:5) In the Bible, mountains can represent kingdoms, or governments. Also, blessings and protection are associated with God’s mountain. (Ps. 72:3; Isa. 25:6, 7) Thus, the mountain of the olive trees on which God stands to the east of earthly Jerusalem represents Jehovah’s universal sovereignty, his supreme rulership. What is indicated by the division of the mountain of the olive trees? The mountain, which is to the east of Jerusalem, splits in the sense that Jehovah establishes another rulership, a subsidiary one. This secondary rulership is the Messianic Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ. That is why Jehovah speaks of the two mountains that result from the splitting of “the Mount of Olives” as being “my mountains.”—Zech. 14:4, ftn. w13 2/15 3:8, 9


Song 1 and Prayer

Congregation Bible Study:

Theocratic Ministry School:

Bible reading: Joshua 6-8 (10 min.)

No. 1: Joshua 8:18-29 (4 min. or less)

No. 2: What Gives Evidence That a Person Has Holy Spirit?—rs p. 381 ¶3–p. 382 ¶1 (5 min.)

No. 3: Adversary—The Most Wicked Adversary of All Is Satan the Devil—it-1 p. 54 (5 min.)

Service Meeting:

Monthly Theme: Send out “good things” out of the good treasure entrusted to us.—Matt. 12:35a.

15 min:Conducting Effective Bible Studies.” Questions and answers. After considering paragraph 3, have a two-part demonstration showing a publisher and a Bible student discussing paragraph 8 in chapter 15 of the Bible Teach book. In the first demonstration, the publisher talks too much. In the second, the publisher asks viewpoint questions to help him discern the student’s thinking.

15 min: A Tool to Help You Prepare to Conduct Bible Studies. Discussion. Draw the attention of the audience to the section of entitled “What Does the Bible Teach?” (Look under BIBLE TEACHINGS > TEENAGERS.) Discuss how this material can be used to help us conduct effective Bible studies with young people as well as with older ones. How can the questions raised on these work sheets help us reach the student’s heart? Include a soliloquy of a publisher using one of these work sheets to help him think about the needs of his student and prepare effective questions. Conclude by encouraging the audience to become better teachers by endeavoring to reach their students’ hearts by using the good things we have to help others.—Prov. 20:5.

Song 99 and Prayer