Friday, August 22

Out of the depths I have called upon you, O Jehovah. O Jehovah, do hear my voice. May your ears prove to be attentive to the voice of my entreaties.—Ps. 130:1, 2.

Some youths begin dating when they are not ready for the responsibilities associated with married life. Certain individuals find a prospective mate on the Internet and rush into what proves to be a very unhappy marriage. Others commit a serious sin during courtship and marry anyway, but they may begin their married life with little respect for each other. Some Christians do not marry “only in the Lord” and suffer the often painful consequences of a religiously divided household. (1 Cor. 7:39) If that is your experience, pray for God’s forgiveness and help. He does not remove the effects of a person’s past errors, but he does assist repentant ones to cope with trials. Put your heart into pleasing him now and forever, and ‘the joy of Jehovah will be your stronghold.’—Neh. 8:10. w12 5/15 2:3, 4

Aug. 18  Bible reading:  Numbers 10-13

No. 2: Why Faith Must Have Works (rs p. 359 ¶2-5)

No. 3: Acts of Apostles—The Spectacular Beginning and Development of the Christian Organization (it-1 pp. 42-43 ¶2)