Wednesday, April 23

Bodily training is beneficial for a little.—1 Tim. 4:8.

The Bible is not anti-fun, nor does it depict recreation and entertainment as a waste of time. It even says that there is “a time to laugh” and “a time to skip about,” and it encourages a healthy amount of rest. (Eccl. 3:4; 4:6) If you are not careful, however, recreation and entertainment could distance you from Jehovah. How? Much of the danger centers on two aspects—what type you choose and how much time you spend on it. Today, much of what is available glorifies things that God hates, including violence, spiritism, and illicit sex. Therefore, you need to scrutinize the type of recreation and entertainment that you engage in and the effect it has on you. Consider, too, the amount of time you spend on recreation and entertainment. Ask yourself, ‘Do I spend so much time in leisure pursuits that I have little time left for spiritual activities?’—Phil. 1:10, 11. w13 1/15 2:11-13

Apr. 21  Bible reading:  Exodus 15-18

No. 2: Why Christians Are Not Required to Keep the Sabbath (rs pp. 345-346 ¶3)

No. 3: Abortion—Life Is a Precious Gift From God (it-1 p. 28)