Friday, July 25

He that conducts himself as a lesser one . . . is the one that is great.—Luke 9:48.

The one behaving as a lesser one is “great,” or more valuable to Jehovah’s organization, because his humility makes him a good and useful servant of God. Jesus had to admonish his disciples to behave as lesser ones because some of them were influenced by the prevailing spirit of the day. “A reasoning entered among them as to who would be the greatest of them,” states Luke 9:46. Might we also begin to reason that we in some way are better than our fellow believers or are superior to people in general? Many in the world around us are motivated by pride and selfishness. Let us distance ourselves from the proud by acting humbly. When we do so and put Jehovah’s will to the fore, we become more refreshing associates. Jesus’ admonition to conduct ourselves as lesser ones truly is motivating. Should we not strive to manifest the spirit of a lesser one in all aspects of life? w12 11/15 3:11, 12

July 21  Bible reading:  Leviticus 25-27

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