Monday, July 28

Keep strict watch that how you walk is not as unwise but as wise persons.—Eph. 5:15.

Around the world, advanced electronic devices are now commonplace. Used properly, such inventions can be useful tools. Used improperly, they can come between us and our heavenly Father. Consider computers. A computer can be an effective research and communication tool and at times a source of refreshing entertainment. We can, however, also become obsessed with computer technology. Marketers cleverly convince people that they must have the latest products. One young man so passionately desired a particular tablet computer that he secretly sold one of his kidneys to buy it. What a shortsighted sacrifice! It is even more tragic to sacrifice your intimacy with Jehovah through misuse or overuse of technology. To help break his bad habit of being online late into the night, one Christian set his computer to shut itself down when it was time for him to go to bed. w13 1/15 3:3, 4

July 28  Bible reading:  Numbers 1-3

No. 2: “All Sorts of Men” Will Be Saved (rs p. 357 ¶2)

No. 3: Accusation—How Were Accusations Handled Under Hebrew and Roman Law? (it-1 p. 39 ¶4-8)

JULY 28, 2014–AUGUST 3, 2014

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JULY 28, 2014–AUGUST 3, 2014

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