Tuesday, July 22

He will bruise you in the head.—Gen. 3:15.

The apostle John reports what will happen to Satan. Jesus Christ—the “angel . . . with the key of the abyss”—will seize Satan and his demons, hurl them into the abyss, and keep them there for a thousand years. (Rev. 20:1-3; Luke 8:30, 31; 1 John 3:8) That action constitutes the initial stage of the bruising of the serpent’s head. What is “the abyss” into which Satan and the demons will be hurled? The Greek word a′bys·sos used by John means “very or exceedingly deep.” It is also translated “unfathomable, boundless,” and “the infinite void.” Thus, it is a place completely out of reach of anyone except Jehovah and his appointed angel “with the key of the abyss.” There, Satan will be in a state of deathlike inactivity so that “he might not mislead the nations anymore.” Truly, that “roaring lion” will be silenced!—1 Pet. 5:8. w12 9/15 1:15, 16

July 21  Bible reading:  Leviticus 25-27

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