Wednesday, July 30

Out of the heart come wicked reasonings.—Matt. 15:19.

The “wicked reasonings” that Jesus spoke of are views or attitudes that can taint many aspects of life. For example, a person could have a distorted sense of loyalty to his relatives. Of course, Christians want to have “natural affection” for relatives, not being like many who lack such affection in these “last days.” (2 Tim. 3:1, 3) It is possible, though, to go to extremes in showing that affection. Many feel that “blood is thicker than water.” Thus, they might defend or side with relatives at all costs, taking it personally if a relative is offended. Think of what strong feelings of that kind led Dinah’s brothers to do. (Gen. 34:13, 25-30) And imagine what was in Absalom’s heart, leading him to murder his half brother Amnon. (2 Sam. 13:1-30) Were not “wicked reasonings” behind those cases? w13 3/15 2:13, 15

July 28  Bible reading:  Numbers 1-3

No. 2: “All Sorts of Men” Will Be Saved (rs p. 357 ¶2)

No. 3: Accusation—How Were Accusations Handled Under Hebrew and Roman Law? (it-1 p. 39 ¶4-8)

JULY 28, 2014–AUGUST 3, 2014

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JULY 28, 2014–AUGUST 3, 2014

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